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Mobile Credentials

September 7, 2017 Security Brad Smith

  When was the last time you left home, or the office without your cell phone? Using our phone as an access control credential, can be convenient, and eliminates the need to carry conventional credentials (key fob, card, adhesive tag, etc…).   Although it seems like a simple extension, there are a number of things to […]

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Facial Recognition – Science Fiction to Reality

August 28, 2017 Security Richard McMullen

The 2002 science fiction film, Minority Report showcased some impressive video surveillance opportunities, highlighting numerous facial recognition features.  While we have yet to achieve much of this film technology, we have developed some practical advances in facial recognition technology.  Advances will no doubt continue to develop this video technology.  Utilizing this technology can have some […]

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Start the day with Breakfast

July 11, 2017 Company News, and Security Richard McMullen

Beginning the day with breakfast is recognized as a healthy way to start your day.  I always enjoy beginning the day with a breakfast meeting with our security technicians.  Admittedly, when I joined FCi in 2007 the breakfast reservation represented a much smaller number of team members.  Recently I was joined by a team of […]

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Contributing to our Industry

May 29, 2017 Company News, and Security Richard McMullen

I recently became the official immediate Past-President of The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) having served as National President for a two year term. Serving as President has been an honour and privilege. The electronic security industry has been a major part of my life since I first entered the industry as a Central Station Operator […]

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BYOD: Disruption-proofing your organization.

May 17, 2017 Wireless Shahab Siddiqui

There are two salient features of mobility devices today that are giving IT departments’ sleepless nights: (1) They are forever, and very rapidly, changing technologies; (2) They are unmistakably getting more expensive! In the disruptive world of technology, one year is enough time to have multiple iterations of devices and technologies. I personally, rather expensively, […]

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